Sunday, August 7, 2011

Write-up of the Philippine Cultural Arts Festival

This year's event is the 27th annual festival. It is being celebrated in honor of the founder, Dr. Lolita Carter, who passed away about a week ago.

The Samahan Dance Company just returned from a tour of Mindanao. Their trip included a visit to the autonomous region. While they were there, they learned about the area's traditional music and dance, which they are performing here. The festival continues today, and it's a rare opportunity to see Mindanao tradition in the US.

The only problem with this festival is one that afflicts many such events: Not enough food booths. This was a smaller festival with one booth. They need at least two. Have lunch early. I had two seafood dishes, whose names I don't remember.

Pictures are on the way. My computer stopped recognizing my camera, and it may take a while to sort things out.